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For over 45 years, we’ve kept our commitment to deliver outstanding service by getting the job done on time, on budget and without excuses. A family-owned, client-focused business, Ross & Jack’s Landscaping Inc. provides landscaping services that raise curb appeal and transform exteriors. We pride ourselves on professionalism and our ability to handle a multitude of projects, including landscape design, installation, grounds maintenance, and lawn care – all while providing our clients with the local, personalized service and attention they deserve. Based in Elmhurst, Illinois, we deliver excellence to residents in Elmhurst and the following surrounding towns:

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Our Recent Landscaping Projects

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Landscape Design

As a seasoned local landscape design company, we bring years of experience in transforming drab, uninspiring landscapes into beautiful outdoor living spaces. Not only are they functional and aesthetically-pleasing, they are built to add significant value to your property. We’re proud to be a landscaper that actually listens to your priorities and aims to deliver a design that fulfills your expectations. In the end, your yard may very well be the envy of many neighbors on the block.

Landscape Design

When the time comes to landscape your home or business, we understand that it may be difficult to visualize the result. For this reason, we offer our clients digital landscape design layouts. With this invaluable tool, you will be able to see a tangible picture of what your exterior will look like when it’s done…before we even start constructing it.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Transform your exterior into a more comfortable, stylish living space for relaxing and entertaining family and friends. We strategically blend organic softscape design with natural stone, mulch, brick pavers and specialty fire features to create a backyard escape you can unwind in every day. Treat yourself to an outdoor kitchen, fire pit or fireplace and create a space that’s perfect for entertaining and relaxing.

Softscape Design

We love crafting custom exteriors that are bursting with natural beauty through our garden landscaping. A yard void of plant life tends to feel cold and uninviting. Revitalize your outdoor space by planting trees, shrubs, and flowers. Whether you’re looking for more natural privacy or you simply want to create a more welcoming environment around your property, our garden landscape design services are the best place to start.

Decorative Stones & Mulch

DDecorative stone and mulch installation will enhance your exterior space. They also assist with drainage, erosion, and improve soil condition. Large boulders make beautiful accents for plant beds and tiered outcropping stone are designed to mimic stone bluffs found in nature.

Brick Paving

Our company is known for our stunning hand-laid paver designs. From simple patterns to intricate creations, we use hardscapes to help you craft an exquisite custom paver patio with fire pit, walkway, driveway, or entertaining space complete with seat wall using modern paver stones. We hardscape design and install your brick-paved surfaces so you only need deal with one reliable, reputable company from start to finish.

Fire Features

As a fire pit contractor, we believe it can be a great addition to your landscape design, becoming the favorite gathering place for friends and family. Many a chilly Illinois night can be enjoyed grilling, roasting marshmallows and sipping your favorite beverage when you’ve got a fire to keep you warm. If you’re longing to extend the outdoor mingling season, an outside fireplace or fire pit is the perfect solution.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls may be necessary when your property has significant slope area. It accommodates changes in grade in a landscape with uneven topography and provides you more space for landscaping. Aside from providing functionality, our retaining walls services help prevent soil erosion and provide structural support. What’s more, our retaining walls installation can help transform your space into a striking landscaping masterpiece when combined with our other landscape design services.

Drainage Solutions

Struggling with standing water or erosion on your grounds? Our well-planned landscaping drainage services can resolve these issues, keeping your lawn dry, your soil aerated and your plants fed with nutrients. The major benefit of having Ross & Jack’s Landscaping handle your yard drainage system rather than a traditional plumber is that we will not only fix the issue, we will restore the land when we’re done rather than leaving you with a torn up lawn.

Dry Wells

Installing dry wells is an effective way to get rid of water from your lawn or yard quickly. As a dry well expert, we utilize this solution to help your lawn dry out quickly after every heavy rain. It allows water to move back into the groundwater, giving your plants and trees access to the water without drowning them in puddles. Our home and landscape design team can help.

Grounds Maintenance

You finally have the exterior landscaping you’ve been longing for, now it’s time to keep it beautiful. Our premium grounds maintenance services go beyond simple grass cutting and ensure that your exterior remains jaw-dropping, protecting one of your most important investments, your home. We will give you a well-manicured yard with seasonal services that respond to the changing weather. Our landscaping “grounds maintenance” is a comprehensive program. Our maintenance division also provides additional services such as, seeding, sodding, planting, and mulching. Often, replacing a plant, spot-seeding a lawn or installing a fresh layer of mulch can make all the difference. These simple extra services can turn a nice looking home into an extraordinary home with tremendous curb appeal.

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​The quality of a new lawn is directly related to the success of establishment. Turf establishment begins with careful planning, knowledge of soil conditions, and an understanding of the environmental and cultural requirements of turfgrasses. Ross & Jack's Landscaping provides a step-by-step approach to turf establishment and renovation. Our site evaluation will determine whether seeding or sodding will be the proper approach for renovating existing turf and establishing new grass lawn areas.


Sodding is an excellent and quick way to acquire an instant lawn. When time is of the essence or the existing turf warrants a total renovation, sodding becomes a viable option. The first step in developing new turf for your residential or commercial property is a complete site evaluation, including soil and turf analysis. It’s imperative that the right grass is chosen and that the proper soil conditions exist for it to flourish. Our sod installation services cover the professional laying down of pre-grown grass after we have exposed and prepared the soil. The sod is set in around 2-3 weeks and you will have an instantly beautiful lawn.

Tree, Shrub & Flower Planting

Showcase nature’s most beautiful elements throughout your exterior with softscape landscape design to increase the beauty and charm of your yard or commercial grounds. Our shrub, flower and tree planting services take into account your objectives for adding greenery around your property, whether it be to create more privacy or to add organic style through colorful flowers and perennial shrubs. We incorporate native plants, shrubs and trees that do well in Northern Illinois’ four-season climate. We consult with you on specimen selection and always recommend the hardiest of plants.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

The beauty of changing seasons with colors turning and flowers blooming is a wonder to behold. Yet with these wonderful transitions comes the burden of upkeep. Which is why Fall and Spring clean up is incorporated into our grounds maintenance program. Seasonal support includes leaf pickup, weeding, shrub pruning and trimming, edging of plant beds and walkways, turning over soil, power sweeping and more.

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